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Fantastic mosso support

Date: 2009-07-16 Tags: fantastic, service
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Hi Guys,

I am one of those people who when they get good service usually goes ' I must let the management know how good the service has been' and usually to my shame never does.

But I was hosting my website with a company called Donhost and was having a terrible experience with them (Never, ever, ever, use them) I moved to, no particular reason at the beginning, price just seemed really good. But how glad am I that I have moved to mosso? really really impressed with the service these guys provide and I swear they have a customer for life. I have only been with them a week and they have put themselves out for me more in that week than Donhost did in all the time I was with them.

If your looking for fantastic service (24 hours a day!!!) then please give mosso a go. You will not be disapointed.

A very very happy customer.


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