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Mosso is absolutely phenomenal

Date: 2009-07-25 Tags: order, features, perfect, price, support
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My first few days on the web left me eager to learn more. More about how things were put together. More about why they were. How they were possible. How they grew. How they scaled. I climbed the hosting tree starting with huge value-priced web hosting packages. I figured unlimited disk space, and no cap on data transfer would be more than enough for my growing sites. I quickly learned.

I struggled with web hosting companies for many years. At one point I threw my hands up in the air, and rented myself a few dedicated servers. They were okay, but that’s not where my knowledge is. I lost countless hours of sleep because of technical difficulties. Many dollars were spent on administration services. Yuck. I focus on the websites. Make them run. Make them better. Advertise. Ask me how to compile a kernel, and I’ll run to get the popcorn maker. Having Mosso manage the technical side of things is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m pain free now!

My purchasing experience
With every product I come across, I follow the same initial steps. These steps are similar to what a kid might do when looking to purchase a new toy.

First: look at the flashy packaging
Look at the back of the package to see every feature this toy has. You see how many of your friends have it. You look at the brand. You see if you can get it out of the package to fiddle with it. Yeah, Mosso has got you covered. They’ll let you poke & pry at the packaging all you want. Just clean up the drool when you’re done.

Second: play with this new found toy without actually purchasing
Sure can. Even better, there’s no pressure to purchase. No pressure to be good. Nobody looking over your shoulder, so now you can properly test how easily this new toy will break. Again, Mosso passes with flying colors. They have an amazing demonstration package setup, and if you need some extra help you bet your pants one of the sales staff will happily guide you through the entire system.

Why it's perfect for me
As a web developer I have one focus: my projects. Be it my own personal projects, or those for clients. Worrying about your hosting should not be on your mind. There is where Mosso comes in like a ray of light on a stormy day. They’ve got you covered left, right, and center. Don’t think twice about the price either: do you have any idea how much I save on Motrin now? It makes up for the small fee they charge. Like ninty-nine—to-one.

Things I’ve noticed
Mosso goes through an insane amount of changes. The staff is always working to make things better. They are always creating unique and innovative systems to manage everyday tasks. If you have a suggestion they listen. If you have a complaint they also listen. They’ve proven to me time after time that they’re there for YOU, the customer.

My final thoughts
So now I’m at the top of the hosting tree. Finally. I’m free like a bird. I’m up in the clouds. This is where I want to be. Mosso rocks my sites every day.

See you in the cloud,
Matt Mercer

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