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HORRIBLE tech support experience(s)

Date: 2009-08-06 Tags: live chat, support
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The responses and "help" I've continually gotten over the past 1/2 year from Mosso tech support have been so frustrating that I've often felt like pulling my hair out.

[Anyone else have similar experiences? If so, please share .....]

I had yet another typical, horrible tech support experience today. Let me share.

I contacted tech support by chat because my control panel bandwidth stats were different than the ones in Mosso's Urchin stats for my account.

My chat with Thomas lasted over 54 minutes. During those 54 minutes of staring at the chat screen, Thomas:

- misinterpreted what I was asking

- Admitted he "wasn't well versed" in Urchin and didn't know how to look up bandwidth information

- Asked me how to look up bandwidth information

- said "let me look, one sec" and was gone for over 14 minutes

- After 15 minutes when he responded to my "Hello, are you still there?" message, he said "I am still here, just clicking around and messing with date reanges" -- um, not so helpful, Thomas....

- Went on to tell me that he thought Urchin "is not the "greatest" stats software" ... even though it's what Mosso uses.

- had his computer crash so he had to reconnect to me while I waited

- After 45 minutes he typed in "Just wondering why Urchin is not showing same data as Control Panel" -- which was the initial problem I had that caused me to contact him in the first place

- After 50 minutes told me I should maybe email to figure things out

- When I asked him to open a ticket, he said "one sec" and was gone for 5+ minutes until I messaged him

- Upon answering my check-in asking where he'd gone, he replied "I also have other chats and calls which prevent me from doing this as quickly as you need".

It has almost over another 45 minutes now and Thomas STILL has not sent me my ticket number as promised..... so apparently if I hadn't told him I was ending the chat and to email me my ticket #, I'd STILL be on chat with him, waiting for my ticket #.


The sad part is that this is a typical chat and is something I deal with far too regularly.

I'm still waiting for my ticket #. If the past gives any indication of what will happen, I'll likely need to contact support AGAIN just to get the ticket number I was initially promised.

I wanted so badly to like Mosso, but they're really killin' me.

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