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Billing kindness

Date: 2009-06-28 Tags: billing, support
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Another thing I just caught: Mosso hasn't charged me up-front. As so many hosts, even some cable companies, charge you in advance of the service you have yet to get. Pay-now, then get service is the norm. But if my case is general practice, Mosso is charging at the end of the month. (Perhaps this was stated during sign-up and I forgot.)

At a time when DSL providers have 1 year contracts, and cell-carriers require 2-year contracts, Mosso is a reminder of the way business should be done--with consideration for the customer.

I had signed up to test 2 other hosting providers as well. I was happy to be able to be able to call them within their 30-day and 45 day refund periods. That wouldn't even be needed on Mosso. Perhaps that is the genius: there's no "I have to call and cancel by this date" to urgent-ize a refund. Still, when you have confidence and know you got good stuff, you can sit back, be cool, and treat everyone well.

So, once again... THANK YOU. Keep on Mossoing.

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