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Date: 2011-07-19 Tags: billing, service, customer, overcharge
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After talking to tech support found misc charge on account for $65. Horrible customer service. Here the customer is wrong. Service has rapidly declined since last year!!! Be warned Eric L. in customer service is shady.
Account got suspended because the credit card expiration date was support would only offer a 20 minute window of access in control panel to fix the issue. I guess they expect I can get in touch with my clients that fast! I made a payment of the overdue amount and they still wouldn't unlock for a balance of $20 that I told them would be rectified within 24 hours. I still can't believe they put an unauthorized charge on my account. A charge that overpaid by $40 the current amount due. So they made my personal account go into overdraft, incurring fees from my bank because they made an unauthorized charge. BE AWARE WHEN GIVING THEM CREDIT CARDS!!!

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