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Rackspace Cloud servers are the best

Date: 2011-12-10 Tags: Cloud Servers, customer service
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I first thought their pricing of $11 for cloud servers was a bit unorthodox, you know the bandwidth was calculated separately for as much as you use per month - none of the other cloud companies were doing this. While it may seem the same amount of money would get you better set-up (more ram, generous disk storage, fancier CPU terms, etc.), these guys fall far behind Rackspace cloud in regards to technical support - rackspace customer service department works 24/7 and answers to my calls anytime I make them. And I only pay no more than $20/month.

If you have been with other vps providers, you would notice many of them use "burstable" resources as a price bait. It's fancy and it looks really nice what you pay can get you double or triple the original resources. Well, that's because your base resources are not guaranteed at all - you are essentially sharing your resources with other users and that is, unfortunately, overselling. Rackspace cloud servers don't have gimmicks like this. They use Xen to power their cloud and slice up servers which guarantees you are always capable of acquiring what you originally pay for - it's yours and always, never oversold.

Just my 2 c.

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