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Simply can't leave Cloud Sites

Date: 2012-01-14 Tags: cloud sites, reliability, support, usability
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Here are some customer comments when rumor said Rackspace was going to suspend Cloud Sites.


My heart just business can't afford what I think is going to happen: "Please use our Cloud Server and Managed Support options in place of Cloud Sites."

I picked Cloud Sites because it was easy, because it was cheap, because I could use Linux/PHP without managing the hardware/software and did I mention it was easy?

I've had very few problems or complaints about Cloud Sites - don't leave me!!

I really don't want to spend my spring researching new hosts and my summer/fall migrating.

The suspense is killing me!


I'm still a big fan of Cloud Sites. It's been very reliable and stable for a very long time.

I do wish however for the following:

* Wild Card Subdomains
* SSL renewals from the control panel
* Wild Card SSL
* Full Trust on the .NET side
* An API, though my brittle CP bot has been working well for a long time

Without the SSL, I'm forced to host many sites outside cloudsites. I feel like my hands are tied here and business scalability is limited. The scalability of individual sites is fine, but when I have to get a virtual server, etc because I want wild card subdomains, my business from a technical perspective is fractured and I would rather everything I do be at CloudSites.

Still though, a long time fan.


I'm still rooting for CloudSites (probably because I don't feel like migrating my sites away), but still, CloudSites has been working fine for me for a while now, and I still think the email service is rock solid.

I was trying to set up a client's website on their hosting provider, reselling for WebsiteOS/Hostopia and it SUCKS. Their system is exactly how I remember them to be from 10 years ago. It's like they've never updated anything at all since I last evaluated them. Their control panel is still this old ugly looking thing that reminds me of Windows 3.1. Hell, they still don't use suExec/suPHP for starters.

Which got me to feel very good about CloudSites, at least the system works. But there's a part of me that worries that CloudSite's going to be exactly the same 10 years from now. We haven't seen any real upgrades to the system in a long time, and I wonder whether or not there will be in the future?

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