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Worst Company Ever

Date: 2012-02-15 Tags: Rackspace Cloud, Payment Polices
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I recently went into delinquent status with this company and while it was not on purpose. I tried to work with the company and make payment arrangements. On both Occasions I was never granted the amount of time I needed or wanted to be able to make good with paying the bill.

I received a final demand from them asking me to contact them to make final payment or make arrangements with them by the 24th. I did so only to be told I couldn't make arrangements cause I had broken the prior one.

You tell me what company offers to have you contact them to make payment arrangements to only be told that you can't make one because a prior one was broken? I'm sorry but rackspace cloud has had poor policy's when it comes to billing and they are not flexible at all when you need the time to pay a bill like a month or so.

In closing, I'm now in danger of being sent off to 3rd party collections and have been given till the 31st to pay which is impossible and they should know this because I've told the A/R specialist that I get paid on a certain date more then once. As long as your paying the bill on time you won't have issues with this company go delinquent once and have a hell of a time getting it paid? Don't expect them to give you a full month, their policies just won't allow it and the reps won't bend them even in the slightest to work with you.

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