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Bad Service

Date: 2012-03-07 Tags: overcharging, contact
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I talked to rackspace twice in their live chat site, and twice I was given a price for the service I required of around $65.00 per month.
When I started receiving charges of $600+ per month I was not happy. I tried to contact Rackspace with no success, the email kept coming back as unresponsive, and so I cancelled the account via the Management area.
I am now in a fight with them over the account. I used the service for the first month only and spent the next few weeks trying to get to the bottom of the charges. Rack space claimed that I stayed logged in over the long period. I was using windows to access my space and house the one program I ran from it ( no photos, no video, no data). To my knowledge if you shut down windows it should be the end of you usage, apparently not. So beware of Rackspace. And absolutely no help or understanding from their part, they just handed me to the collection agency. Not happy with the service at all.

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