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Cloud Files is great, however

Date: 2012-05-08 Tags: Cloud Files
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I'm currently moving over from Amazon S3 + CloudFront, and I have to admit that I am currently enjoying the move.

There is one thing that is annoying me though, the lack of ability to have multiple URLs for a container in Cloud Files.

In AWS, I could have one bucket, and different CloudFront instances for that one bucket. In RS, I have to create multiple buckets, and upload files to each one as they change.

I believe that this additional would be useful for those using RS CF for a CDN as download host parallelization can help reduce site loading times.

I can use CNAME for this but I'd rather have natural names, rather than extra CNAMEs going to the same container.

Other than this, Cloud Files is absolutely fantastic!

P.S. This feature has been implemented as of now.

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