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Mosso vs. Mediatemple

Date: 2009-06-30 Tags: mediatemple, compatibility
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I've been an MT customer for 5 years. When they introduced the new (gs) Grid Server Beta - that totally killed my business. ALL of my Clients I host or have referred to MT. Support Ticket after ticket after phone call after labor - I've lost thousands of dollars because of MT.

I'm a Designer/Developer, I'm not a Reseller. I don't have time to manage a Dedicated server right now. So, Mosso seems like the best immediate solution. I just signed up this month for Mosso - and I'm just now weeding through old 2-3 year Forum Post's to check things out. Some post's are totally outdated - and that worries me a bit, but nothing major I don't think...

I love the "Hybrid" Win/Linux thing-a-ma-jig!

Right now, I'm customizing everything and about to migrate all of my Clients over to Mosso. I'm still weary of full compatibility ...but if I can get these things to work without a hitch ...I'm SOLD! We shall see. Right now, Mosso appears to be EXACTLY what I'm looking for -- and if they truly wish to compete with MT, I can see it happening ...with solid feedback from their current customers/community.

- Full Joomla 1.5 compatibility
- Full ModernBill 5.1x compatibility
- Full Kayako 3.10x compatibility
- SSH, SFTP, Tar Gzip/Unzip, php.ini, CronTabs
- Branding of Invoices, Client CP
- Getting Annual Billing to work
- Little or no limitations on opt-in FCC Newsletter scripts
- Access to Raw Logs
- SSL's functioning as they should
- Mosso RSS Feed with System Updates/Announcements
- Or Forum Sticky's we can Subscribe too
- CFM, RoR (willing to pay a little extra possibly)
- MULTIPLE FTP USERS (super duper importante)

Hahaha...POLL: am I asking for too much for $100 ???! :)

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