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Greatly impressed with the service offered

Date: 2012-05-08 Tags: Cloud Files, cdn, feature request
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I'm a new Cloud Files user, and have so far been greatly impressed with the service offered.

Regarding the Cloud Files browser, these things could use some improvement imho:

1. A sortable Last Modified Date column. What's the reason of having an object list, when a basic sort on date feature is missing? (fixed)

2. I'm dealing with containers with a lot of objects in it (20000+). A search on name/date/size/type would come in very handy. (fixed)

3. The ability to rename containers would be another handy feature. The CDN URL would be optionally changed as well upon a name change. (fixed)

I've also posted this to their internal customers forum and the staff there has added these to their future features list. Hopefully they would come back with a solid ETA. This is great company, I've never regretted moving in.

P.S. As of now all these features have been added.

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