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I like rackspace

Date: 2012-05-16 Tags: domain
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I like Rackspace, for the most part. The only things I don't like are 1) not being able to renew in a batch (though creating a ticket will get the job done), 2) not being able to see a summary of what's about to expire, and 3) adding multiple domains is done one-at-a-time. They need a shopping cart feature, because my credit card company sees the charges as the same, and denies any 'copies.' E.g., the item purchased and the date of sale are too similar, so I have to wait minutes between purchases. Again, a ticket will solve this issue.

Why I love using rackspace: all domains are $10. I registered a county domain that would have cost me $54 for the first year through GoDaddy for just $10 through rackspace. Transfer in and out is easy. A recent update now looks like you can renew an alias without going through support.

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